Eric Seymour’s Photography Journal.

On Bothering

Just after New Years Day, I was walking with my Wife on a long pier in North Lake Tahoe. The scenery was amazing, but the sky was clear and sunny — perfect for a mid-day walk, but not ideal for a photograph. So I began searching for other compositions. Eventually, I looked down at the water and noticed what I’ve seen dozens of times over the years…

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The Unspoken Bond

It is the end of the dry season here in Northern California. If you’ve ever seen a dry lakebed, you know how weathered they can be: broken branches, scattered rocks, dry mud, debris… not ideal for “postcard” photography. But I was struck by some of the elements of this scene: crevices, reflections, shadows, clouds. So I captured some frames and continued on my way. This photo was inspired by a charcoal drawing. Here is the story of my relationship with that piece.

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